The Journey of the TV Phone Towards Perfection

The TV phone is a mobile phone that has the ability to receive TV signal and display the same on the screen. The TV phone receives the signal band allocated for the mobile phone as well as the signal band allocated for the TV. It has the required electronic circuitry which extracts video and audio signals from incoming radio signal and modulates the same to match the ability of a home TV. Television data are received either from a proprietary or a cellular network.South Korea had launched the Read more [...]

Looking for Mass Marketing? Try Voice Broadcasting!

There are many different mass marketing techniques, but not all of them are effective. In fact, some of them can be downright expensive. Telemarketers are expensive and they do not always elicit results as people tend to be turned off by them. Additionally, direct mail can often fall short when it comes to marketing. Those postcards and flyers that you invest in may just end up in the trash can. If you have found these other mass marketing techniques falling short of your expectations you might Read more [...]

Upgrade Your Phone Skills!

I can't believe this is still happening. As sales professionals we spend a great deal of our time leaving messages for colleagues, clients and prospects yet the vast majority of sales people have terrible telephone phone skills. Thirty years ago, before I entered a career in sales, I worked as a radio broadcaster. What I learned in radio has played a key role in my presentation skills and sales success.You may think the radio announcers you listen to on a daily basis are amazing at what is Read more [...]

Voice Broadcasting Tactics for Business to Business Calls

Many businesses now use voice broadcasting to generate leads, sales, and get relevant information to their clients and customers in a simple, timely manner. In September 2010 the FTC enacted new regulations on business to consumer telemarketing, however the laws for business to business calls remained the same. Industries such as banks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations are also exempt from these new laws.If you have a business to businesses product or services, than automated phone calls Read more [...]